Kept - Girls

All kept too! A great series indeed!

1. Egyptian - changed the head/hair...
And the mandatory male friend

2. Fairy - the arms really don't work. Found some bare arms with jewelry, I like her better like this. Also, a "normal" head.

3. Cheerleader - almost original, but no longer cheering - the shorts just don't work. Also traded the arms, these make more sense with the shorts, imo.

4. Alchimist - almost original, just a different head.

5. Firefighter - original, except for an added neckpiece.

6. Cowgirl - I tried, but couldn't find any legs that worked better , so almost original, just a smaller hat.

7. Jedi Vet - original.

8. Handywoman - original.

9. Skier - well, it is a male torso. And that torso is too beautiful to be covered.

10. Flamenco Dancer - original.

11. Yellow Lady - only changed the skirt, since it would be wasteful to use that uncommon yellow one under the big skirt. And.. well.. golden shoes, cause they are almost a plague.

12. Rockabilly Girl - original.

Queen Tahra, March 2018

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