Kept - Boys

This is a great series - all kept!

1. Rollerblading Paperboy - an inline skater without diapers... I had the perfect legs for him! And with the hat straight, he looks great. And a proper paperboy

2. Trapper - well... a torso matching the leg print.. and long sleeves. Since the grogeous new pouch color made it almost invisible with this torso, I changed it. The caveman hair (that I adore) doesn't work too well with the vest (neither does the long one, which is always a shame), so I gave him new hair and matching beard.

3. Green Knight - after some discussion, it was decided he looks great, and very different from the other knights. So be it. Only added the beard, and changed the sword (have to use these when possible, because they don't fit the belts).

4. Arabian Guard - the vest was off (made for normal torsos), so decided to redo him.
And the (almost) original one can join the previous dancers.

5. Traffic Cop - original. Yes, even THAT hair

6. Bike Mechanic - He is almost perfect , with that head and hair kinda spoiling the effect. The reddish mouth puts me off, especially on a male (though I wish all the red painted mouths were this dark!). So, I changed the head, deciding to keep the sunglasses. The prince hair was a goner as soon as we first saw it in photos! Added a beard too, after checking it didn't cover that beautiful gorgeous amazing necklace
And looking at the jacket... I thought "motorcycle club".. except we don't really need a bunch of them... but a female friend.. and looking at the beautiful skull in his torso, I knew exactly which torso to use for her: Astrid's! So, came up with her - also in sunglasses - actually, she kept his head - and a not too long ponytail, so as not to cover the jacket much. Since that torso matches almost nothing, figured HER jacket has sleeves
And.. well... this made me finally get the red trike we were missing - straight from the US, here's their new ride:

7. Boxer - he looked too small (speedo!) next to the boxers, so we decided to make a wrestler of him, to join the one in the next series.

8. Aviator - original , with a female friend. I didn't want a repeat, but thought she should have a "leather" jacket too, so ended up settling with that jacket. However, that prevented me from using a neckerchief And that torso I had selected had a green part there... Well.. figured I'd try: using the trapper's torso as a model, I painted that one. I am pleased with the result, if I do say so myself .

9. Sushi Chef - Almost original - didn't like the neckpiece on him, and it covered his beautiful torso (and apparently it was also inaccurate). From what I was told, those slippers were better for a sushi chef, so, there . And he got a friend. It was decided to keep the legs, but making him as different as possible - light skin tone, clean shaven, long braid and sleeves down.

10. Winged Aztec - this was a hard one. We figured the original worked better with a darker skintone. So, there went the legs. A priest type, with a painted head.
And a greenish fairy type

11. Falcon King - since we have more than enough kings, he became a knight - different hair (duh!) and beard (so as not to touch the chest design). The arms and legs were replaced, using red and gold, and the crown was replaced by a golden helmet (a favorite sculpt, that one). He got a small red neckpiece, since chainmail or a roman one covered the top of the falcon...

12. Butcher - can't really see a guy with that head, so, replaced the head (decided on freckles), and of course the hair .

Queen Tahra, March 2018

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