70242 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Alien

Another weirdo... The hair is awesome - weird hairsculpts and hair colors always welcome, and this one is both!

Weirder than the klicky, is that tube going from the cannon arm in the official pics.. WTF? Boggles mind. Still, easily fixed, right? I refuse to do that - better to just loop nowhere. I think.

A pity the torso is an existing one.

A shame a lot of the rifles were mismolded. Quality control is getting worse and worse (IS there any quality control?)

10. Samurai

This time we get a red samurai. He looks like others, but in bronze.. a welcome addition. As with all the ones in that type or armor, he looks like a TANK!

The helmet is new too, I think (the color/print, I mean).

Amazingly, the bronze gloves didn't shatter! Though I was avoiding getting them on and off, they snapped off his wrist a couple of times - the shield is not compatible with the gloves, I think - or at least not the way I pose him.

11. Cop

Yet another cop, but the hair is new in this color! I also find the gloves out of place, but that is easily fixed, and they are pretty in grey

The rubber fixed neckpiece is completely inappropriate for the figures series... I do wonder who approves these. Did they see about the swapping parts.. part?

12. Tennis Player

Nothing really special, but a nice recent klicky - more original being black. I don't follow tennis, so I have no idea if he is meant to actually represent a real life player.

And he has balls! Ok, that sounded... odd . Apparently the days of the invisible balls are over

Queen Tahra, August 2020

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