70565 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Fisherman

Another highlight (after the orc, of course, like all of them).

A gorgeous typical fisherman... the colors are beautiful - shame about the hair

The coat/hat color is not usual, and really works. The arms would be beautiful for other uses too, but I suppose they must stay with that jacket.

The pipe in brown is also perfect (the part is rare in any color, I guess, but this one is even better!)

10. Indiana Jones

Nothing really new, but a nice Indiana Jones version. Except the legs. Fancy little shoes... really?

The rope/coiled whip in brown may not be new, but it sure is uncommon (at least around here). Yes, I know, strangely, ORANGE ones are more popular.

I strongly dislike the torsos printed like this... why not make it blue with that print in full? This just looks odd.

11. Paramedic

He's a nice klicky.

Not terribly exciting, until you look closer - I think the arms may be new in this color.. And regardless, he's dark tan, that newest complicated skin color (hard to get matching parts now), so there's that. Variety is good.

He's the only figure with rubber bands this time - yes, because bagging the stuff inside the pack was not enought, right?

12. Ghost Pirate

Nothing new. The guy exists as is, I think. But always nice to see these. And these are the nicest colors for the ghost pirates.

Queen Tahra, March 2021

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