70565 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. Troubadour

Yet another highlight!

He's a bit colorful, but I think that is great in his case

I believe these are all new colors...

6. Orc

THE highlight of the series, as soon as pics of his face showed up. I mean he was already deemed highly interesting in the first blurred images with the helmet on... One could wonder WHO would give such a klicky that particular helmet, but... well.. FRITZ TOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEÉ!

The head and arms are great, though it will be hard to find options for either. In another Fritz Tomé moment, they didn't go with the closest green (offerering quite some other possibilities).. And you see that.. when you put the parts side by side. And they will be side by side if used, so, it's basically a no-no

So far, found an egyptian torso (need to clean the neckline) and (black skinned) arms from a cargo set (I THINK) - not useful orc-wise. And the girls' pilot. Ditto.

The legs are awesome too - I love the sculpt, and these would work as skin in case of the orc, or a nice green color (matching basically nothing ) if used with a "human".

The torso.. it's a poor choice of mold. Though the print is brilliant. The roman torso just does NOT work with that belt. It is made for belts with a round buckle, and this one just doesn't fit. This was a real shame, because the belt IS perfect for the orc.

I am not overly fond of the helmet sculpt, exactly because it hides the klicky's face. Generally, I realize that is my own personal (and odd!) preference . But in this case, it's basically a crime!

Just look at that face!

In other situations it can look impressive, and it does match the shield nicely. The shield... is gorgeous! And the weapon is an interesting choice too, very on, previously used with those rocky temple guardians.

7. Crash Test Dummy

Another highlight - second tier Though one could argue that it is not very appropriate as a figure... I mean.. what ARE you gonna trade?!

I am ashamed to say I didn't see the most obvious potential until a fellow playmofriend said it. C3PO. So fracking obvious.

The head has a couple of indentations, that allow for hats - a great idea!

Anyways, he has a couple or REAL innovations, for a klicky... Like a skeleton, the head moves on a round peg/neck, allowing him to move not only sideways, but also up and down.

Said peg is also compatible with the skeleton heads. And it can be used in a normal klicky frame - as in non-speedo.

These are the types of heads used above - the last one didn't fit. Maybe it can be forced, but I decided not to push it. This is merely an experience: in truth, there are no wishes for klickys with skull heads around here.

It worries me that he may be really hard to pop. Even the figure gave me trouble - I needed a pen cap as a lever to get the pegneck off the torso. I know, academic. At the moment I can't think of a custom that demanded it, so this is only a matter of curiosity and... what's... proper

Ah, and he brings a nice car wheel, always useful. As far as I could tell, though not the same as the old kart ones, it can be used. All good.

8. Astronaut

The novelty here is the rope, I guess - or at least I don't remember it used like this. Very odd. In a very nice way!

He's pretty. I like the colors, and that he's asian (variety!) - even if he looks a bit familiar.

Queen Tahra, March 2021

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