Kept - Girls

2. Pregnant Hula Woman - a winter version

3. Gymnast - just a different head

8. Pirate - since the torso was very common, decided to go for a simpler male (the legs are beautiful, and a nice match for that hat, imo)

9. Pilot - just a different hair, and she is now a Kart pilot (or will be, when I sort the fracking stickers for them!)

12. Lady - changed the legs underneath the large skirt (duh!)... That was supposed to be the extent of the change.. But I can't helpt it. I don't like that arm sculpt... So, arms replaced, and the neckpiece. Much better, imo, but I believe it's just a matter of taste. There will be someone from the short skirt!

One of the pilots of the sorted karts let her have a test drive

4. City Woman - the torso gave a mermaid feel as soon as we saw it... I struggled, but... There should be someone from the perfect arms too , but on a more ancient setting. And the legs (no idea yet)

6. Violinist - one original...
Looking for speedo torsos, came across the merking's.... well. It's a match. Then found hers to match his (cleaned the silly heart necklace ). Not very sure what they are, but I really like them - it's a win.

It is not very easy for speedos with cloaks and quivers to stand... There is a point to the klicky's large feet.

7. Wizard - a lady (cousin to Leonora) ...
... and a different wizard, with a normal body (much much nicer )

11. Space Fighter - this will always work 3 ways :
From the (almost) original.. a space... something... I will give her some companions...
From the (fixed) hood - a nice guy with an older larger matching cloak - this was always the plan after seeing the color of that hood!
From the armored arms + legs, a knightly type... (it was... hard... to clean those legs - I don't like the sculpt much, but I do love the print)
I will also find someone to keep those beautiful 58th helmets.... (is this a 4th way?)

Since there were a couple of repeat little droids, traded one of the new dull metal "body" with a shiny one:

Queen Tahra, March 2021

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