Kept - Boys

1. Knight - just a different sword, color coordination and all (and lost the axe)

2. MMA Fighter - different hair (he will need a friend)

3. Firefighter - different head, and of course, HAIR!

4. Thief - different head and neckpiece

5. Troubadour - original

7. Crash Test Dummy - original.. more to be decided

8. Astronaut - the point was the shorter white neckpiece, and since orange astronauts were already around, and I had a female torso to use...

9. Fisherman - different hair (fortunately, the king's hair matches the grey beard).

10. Indiana Jones - different legs (duh)

11. Paramedic - different legs (since the print works here, and the unprinted ones may be handier)

I had to do a trim on the astronaut's hair... not sure why.. it was used before (in a space shuttle)... oh, but it was the other longer neckpiece (with a male torso - it was an exception!)

Now... let's go by parts...

6. Orc, part 1: orcses

Tried to detwin the orcses as possible. There will be more, as I get my hands on them and sort them. And I even managed two females...

6. Orc, part 2: guards

Then with the matching arms decided on a couple of fierce guards..

6. Orc, part 3: knights

And this was always the plan for the shields - knights, of course.

Queen Tahra, March 2021

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