70733 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Valentine Woman

Not sure of what she is supposed to be, besides another generic modern klicky. She is pretty though.

The print on the mouth is lousy

She's a bit... lacking (this was always an issue - accessories vary wildly among the figures).

The skirt came assembled in the pack.

6. Sleeping Woman

An.. interesting one... Perhaps she is going to a pyjama party? Hence the pillow and the bag?

She has a nice jammy. At least I am assuming that's what it is .. I like the colors and print.

She has a double face, which makes it a LOT more useful ... Also, that normal face is different from the usual black faces, and it's GORGEOUS.

The notch is unfortunate, since it terribly limits the hair possibilities. Another consequence of the double face is the lack of beard/earings support. A shame. Ok, beards is irrelevamt , but those also suport masks, glasses and such. Come to think of it, maybe they are all irrelevant in this case - not a face to hide, right?

Previous "female" black heads didn't have the lashes, unfortunately... They have that bright red mouth that I dislike everywhere (for some reason), and some have the pretty detailed eyes - there's at least two colors (but the mouth... )

I have no idea about the bag's design - and decided against the sticker.

7. Fish Woman

Not sure what she is meant to be.. but...

The klicky is beautiful under that fish suit. The torso is gorgeous. And so are the arms. The legs have a real odd combination of metallic purple pants and pink boots. That said, I am sure they'll fit somehwere.

Unfortunately, one of the figures was missing the torso.

The fish is made of two parts, like the bear costumes. There was another fish, in a Summer Fun set, but that one does not live here. Yet?

8. Seal Carer

A nice modern klicky in a wetsuit, with a baby seal. I think she could use a couple more accessories...

Always nice to have variety for speedos... and she is dark tan

The fish print in the suit is beautiful, but I found the highlighted circle confusing....

I suppose everyone knows that is not a favorite hairsculpt....

Queen Tahra, March 2022

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