70733 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Rhythmic Gymnast

Another gymnast, in a different discipline: rhythmic gymnastics. That's great!

The klicky is amazing, especially the torso The arms are also gorgeous - a shame these aren't normal arms (no, not over it!), and a shame they are left+right (that is an older sort of mess playmobil made, imo, since it adds basically nothing, and prevents a lot).

I broke the first ribbon attaching it to the stick, as feared. Doesn't really render it useless, since we're not 5, but annoying. Then I was extremely careful with the second one, and didn't break it.

2. Indian Flower Woman

She's a pretty klicky, but that nose chain looks weird. Considering. I think it will look nice in a scifi setting, or maybe steampunk.

The klicky herself is pretty, with that beautiful skirt (a favorite mold) and the gorgeous torso - beautifully detailed in the back.

3. Blue Lady

The mandatory big skirt, in blue, with beautiful peacock like prints.

The blue matches the Novelmore blue, so it is ripe with possibilities. And.. she's not pink!

The necklace is a real odd option, considering the pretty print underneath.

4. Tourist

A really nice modern klicky, though I am not sure about the bag/camera/cup combo...

The bag may be new in this color.

I really like the klicky, especially the torso , and I think the head with glasses adds something too.

Queen Tahra, March 2022

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