Kept - Girls

1. Rhythmic Gymnast - A mermaid was always the plan. And from that other beautiful arm, a warrior.

2. Indian Flower Woman - Original.

3. Blue Lady - One only had minor changes - basically the hair. Also left the necklace off, and changed the legs under the large skirt (can't see it anyway, and I am not really fond of that sculpt). With the original skirt, a nice woman, who can easily fit in all sorts of themes.

4. Tourist - Original.

5. Valentine Woman - Original.

6. Sleeping Woman - Original.

7. Fish Woman - As planned, an older style klicky to wear the fish. The plan was for him to be all pink, but alas, no matching torso . The asian woman was also planned (tan bare feet!). There were plans for another, but no torso.

8. Seal Carer - Just changed the hair, and with her friend.

9. Winged Warrior - Well, there was no way that torso would be hidden. So, just replaced it, and found a second bracer... And the mandatory male friend
Update...: and a couple of romanish guards...

10. French Woman - Just changed the hair.

11. Ninja - The original with a different head.. and a male friend.

12. Fairy - As planned, a city klicky.. With shoes. And sleeves. She is still a bit loud, but less... fairish.

Queen Tahra, March 2022

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