70638 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. Zoo Worker

A pretty zoo worker, from the latest batch. Since there wasn't one around here yet, a very nice addition.

He's really pretty, though he may be a bit too green, after removing the jacket - and that is a must, as it hides the nice torso print.

I tend to see some faces as gendered, and this is one of them - the "rosy cheeks" belong to females around here (kinda silly, I know ), so that will change.

The sticker is new (afaik), so now we have some little monkey food as well.

6. Warrior

A most definite highlight here - along with the Viking... A gorgeous warrior - with AMAZING PRINTS!

The print on the torso armor is beautifully done . And though the legs are a non-favorite sculpt, that print is also gorgeous.

The helmet is not common at all, and new in this color. Also of note, the chainmail hair in white (finally showing up after the PCC White Knight). And I believe the neckpiece may also be new in white.

7. Engineer

A nice uncommon klicky. I really love the arms with pockets (I know, not core, but they're really nice ) - and I wish he had two of them!

I think the sticker on the pad may be new, though I am not sure.

Unfortunately, his paper had the code for the Guitar Player

8. Chemist

An interesting klicky, and not very usual either. Except... well... there's this guy (playmoDB link). That is a bit lame, releasing ALMOST the same klicky as a figure...

The head is new (or at least unusual) - I like it a lot, though it may clash a bit with the hair

The hair... looks... odd - it's the one in the middle! Though it is not THAT different in color, it just feels different, like it's a different sort of material or something. Which is, of course, good. Variety and all . And a favorite sculpt too!

He also has nice accessories...

I really like the the test tubes (love those!) - though that same light blueish base with tubes is also present in that set with the klicky. Lazy.

At least the suitcase sticker appears to be new.. though I am not sure what it is. Is that a signature? Dr.... something? (well... doctors' writing is famously unreadable, so... )

The leaflet shows one of his THINGIES on the engineer - it's odd.

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Queen Tahra, April 2023

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