70638 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. American Football Player

Another handmelon american football player... But he's different, so... all good. And I do like yellow. He has THAT hair, but that is easily sorted

The arm was inside the torso in a way that took me quite a while to remove - no idea how THAT happened.

The helmet's print seems kinda scratched - but it's nice. And I like the neckpiece too.

10. Guitar Player

A nice looking klicky, though he looks more like a biker than a rocker...

An odd decision to use the exact same hat as the chimney sweep.. they could have used a top hat

The hair is new in this color, I believe.

The guitar is the same mold as the one in series 18 - not overly common.

11. Climber

A nice looking speedo, the only one on the boys this time. So.. the head+hair are compatible. And I guess we can put the pouch thingie on the Skeleton Cowboy?

I really like the torso - would also be gorgeous (and more core!) without that print, but it's not gonna happen.

This one is ridiculously light on accessories though... I mean, couldn't he have a water bottle, or a hat, or a watch... at least?

12. Chimney Sweep

An original idea for the figures

The klicky has a very gorgeous torso (military like)... but the legs and arms seem a bit off, as in quite modern. Not that I don't like them - I do, especially the arms with pockets!

I also think the color of the scarf and cuffs is kinda poorly chosen - I mean.. shouldn't those be grey or something?

The cleaning tool was looped in the neckpiece

That rope tool thing is not overly common here, though 3316 - Chimney Sweep was actually among the first 8 sets around here... back in 1984! That klicky is Click - one of Boomer Click's "ancestors" (details here: Journals: Boomer Click : about)

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Queen Tahra, April 2023

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