70639 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Maracas Player

An uncommon choice, but she makes a nice klicky.

The skirt is usually used for fairies, but I think it works fine here.

With that hair, she should have earrings. Unfortunaly, the head has no earring slot

A shame about the feet - though that is just a matter of personal taste, they are fine for her, I just don't particularly like the sculpt.

The orange arms seem very... useful

6. Dentist

And yet another dentist.

She's a pretty klicky, and being asian and tan makes for variety... the problem is there aren't THAT many dentist clinics around here

The mask + glasses combo is a nice detail.

This klicky is the same as one from a magazine - but a different hair and skin color. Generally, I'd say that's a win (the only problem being the number of dentists already around).

7. Jogger

Thought not particularly original, a nice looking klicky. I really do like these recent black heads, with the dark eyes+mouth... I think they are very striking

Another figure very light on accessories.

8. Farmer With Chicken

A farmer getting eggs from a chicken. Original

Though she is at first sight a very common klicky, the muddy boots make her different. And the prints are different on each boot! Awesome.

The hat has a real nice print too, and the basket is not so common in that color (I think)

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Queen Tahra, April 2023

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