70639 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Cleopatra

Another Cleopatra. Like the FOURTH Cleo in the Figures series. I mean... besides the ones in sets...

Actually... the same klicky from 5394 - Caesar and Cleopatra (playmoDB link) - just a different color hair. Oh and they added those odd rubberish bracelets, instead of the usual ones. Lazy. Very lazy

Not sure if the crown is new in this color.

And... one came with a non-speedo arm (her right arm - on the left ). And I think it has happened to someone else.

Of course, after realizing the klicky is the same, it was a matter of going to the pop tubs and get a matching female speedo arm (... is this a good place again? speedo arms is bad, gendered speedo arms is worse ). However, if you don't have poptubs... not even mentioning the casual buyers (non playmonuts) - those will most likely not even understand what is wrong. It just doesn't work.

10. Mermaid

Another mermaid - always welcome here! (not sure I like the way she is holding that seahorsy in the leaflet, though)

The staff in white is not common (though it exists).

The color of the hair thingie doesn't really work with the pink hair, imo.

The tail is again pink...ish, though it does have an uncommon shade... She is very underdressed under that neckpiece

The neckpiece is very nice (and in matching colors!), but looks bad on a mermaid (and on a speedo, generally, as it is too large). Easily solved.

Again the mertail came disassembled.

11. Hairdresser

Another hairdresser (some professions just keep on appearing...)

She is nice (what's with playmobil and tan/dark tan blonde klickys?). She has some everwhatsit everdreamerz vibe about her.

However, the torso and arms are not really fit to be hiding under that - they are too beautiful!

The dress is very fitting for a hairdresser, I think, and she is well equipped (for a change, compared with her fellow s23 girls).

12. Princess

The mandatory not-so-big skirt.

And the best part... did you see the hair? In GOLD?! By the Gods.

The arm sculpt is new - I like it, though the bare shoulders make them quite less useful. Oh, and the way the speedo arms are typed and gendered. - nope, still not over it.

Anyways, the arms are beautiful. And that hair....

The print in the dress may be new. And it's pretty, in gold... The necklace seems a bit too big to use with the dress, though it's great in white - and so is the scepter. Actually, the crown is also in an unusual color.

As usual, didn't use the sticker. That is done rarely. And it came rolled in the crown...

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