70939 Boys

(part 1/3)

1. Pirate

A nice looking pirate... though the hair/unshaved combo does nothing for me.

The parrot is not new: parrot (PlaymoDB link)

As to the pirate himself, the problem is, apart from being tan and the eyepatch, he is the same klicky as this one (PlaymoDB link). He even has the same "hat" as 6679! How lazy is that?!

Here he is with the one already here:

Just a skin color change is a bit too little for klickys as colorful as pirates... I love this sort of change when applied to uniforms, making a great skin color variety possible.. but this is not such a case.

2. Bus Driver

I like him a lot (hair excepted!) - and the id card on the legs is a good addition.

Since he has the same pullover as the bus driver from 3169 (PlaymoDB link), I guess he must be a bus driver too - or at least working for the same bus company (in the ticket offices, perhaps). He could be on his way to work, I guess. Now it's summer, so... no long sleeves .

The coffee is a nice touch, and I believe the hat is new in this color.

3. Jamaican Drummer

He's colorful, in a great way. And also unshaven. Did they find a warehouse full of those heads?

I do find the human head in the shirt spooky. I was told it's the same as we humans wearing tshirts with playmobil. When you put it that way it sounds sooo reasonable

There is a sticker for the drum.

4. Alpine Paramedic

Another paramedic... a tired looking, unshaven paramedic.

A new combination of existing parts, makes for a nice klicky, if not a very original one.

He also brings a sticker.

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Queen Tahra, September 2023

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