First, the mandatory disclaimer:
I've been told I am sometimes harsh on my comments. Keep in mind I LOVE playmobil. It is GREAT. Without a doubt and by FAR, the GREATEST toy on the Universe. And also keep in mind that I've gotten a box (or two) of each boys and girls since the first series - meaning, despite all the "problems" I point out, they are VERY MUCH WORTH IT. We ALL know playmobil rules, so I suppose I tend to point out the problems. There are only so many ways of saying AWESOME, right?

This series is a bit on the weak side, due to the fact it has several common existing klickys... Though it does have highlights - from the first sight, the alien and paralympic for the boys and the falconer and statue for the girls.

The App is still featured in the box, as before.

The packs...

Papers are the same lame blue again. With the silly age limits. For a change, it does show passable klickys instead of the usual freaks from parts . Unfortunately, still has the tiny pics further messed up with the outlines.

And of course it still includes the app codes...

So.. the app... Well, the app was updated again (several times and incompletely) - but major news there, even before this series was available...

Warning: App content WILL be revealed. Just sayin'.

With that in mind, app comments here: Fi¿ures App

The series.. No diapers, a pregnant woman (because... women aren't fat? ) on the girls.. One speedo on the boys (again, you can swap the head/hair... ) and... eight.. EIGHT!!! speedos on the girls. Gods.

Also, no big skirt on the girls (not a bad thing)

Again there is a good variety of skin colors, which is positive

No extra rubberbands or bags... a good thing.

These were the extras...

The hat is really nice (greys are after browns!), and I really like that bracelet in brown (duh) and the pouches. Amazingly, no extra frame!

Unfortunately, one of the falconers was missing the belt. A pain, since I believe that the part is new in that color - but not serious enought that I actually bother to contact them. Also, a caveman had no eyes. Very creepy. But ditto. It is now a rare thing to see a series with no issues


A couple of pics are the work of a fellow playmofriend - Lufty.

I am sure you will be able to easily tell which ones.

So, thank you, Lufty

Well, you know how it works: follow all the pages to see everything, or use these shortcuts for a specific figure:


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Queen Tahra, September 2023

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