70939 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. Novelmore Knight

A beautiful novelmore knight... (hair excepted! )

Though this blueish color is not really easy to match.

I suppose someone figured the same I did: that torso with the wolf is gorgeous without the novelmore prints above.. The blue is different from the previous ones though - a good thing, variety, I mean

6. Blue Alien

A gorgeous alien, like the Super 4 one, but in blue! . He was most definitely one of the highlights (the best of the highlights?) of the series, as soon as the first blurry pics appeared

Unfortunately, no cape. The pegs on the back have nothing I suppose we can force the other end of that tube on them.. but...

I know, he's almost the same as the Super 4 alien, but in blue. He's BLUE!! He has the same short legs with odd boots, and odder arms... Though the torso seems more useful - an armored torso is always interesting, even if the colors are... peculiar. He is missing both the cape and the bracers, which is a bit lame, I guess... still, he's great! And also happier... for some reason. Good - variety and all.

The holes in front are a standard size , and so easy to find stuff for them...

The helmet is a bit strange... by design.

7. Tennis Player

Another tennis player - but hey, this one is a winner! Though he still uses the invisible balls

Another unshaven klicky.

8. Caveman

A pretty caveman... and browns are good... I suppose it makes sense he's unshaven..

The fish is not new.

If browns are good, being a DIFFERENT brown... well. Here he is with his fellow brown cavemen... He may be the first light skinned caveman to wear brown!

The legs came unassembled in the pack - odd, because the feet are not easy to remove after assembled. I usually have to get the cutter (bought specifically for this purpose: remove feet from the short skirts)

And the first caveman had no eyes...

Not lacking heads like that, it can be funny. Otherwise, I think a buyer would NOT be amused.

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Queen Tahra, September 2023

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