Kept - Girls

1. Beauty Queen - original, minus sash, plus necklace and with a different hair

3. Unicycle Rider - original

7. Tourist - she got a vest, to make her a bit different

8. Seamstress - original

2. Clown - in a "cannot decide" scenario (I love the torso/arms!)... there - ancient and modern pregnant women (clown parts for a later date - not gonna go out of my way to click MORE clowns... )

5. Aikido Fighter - original

4. Painter - figured the torso would work well under that dress, a leftover from the hairdresser from series 23... and a male friend was always the plan for the legs

12. Fancy Lady - a fortune teller from the dress... and the original klicky (minus arm!) got a dress...

6. Statue - agh... since the legs completely ruin the statue part, a lady for ancient times.

10. Falconer - one original, and the obvious male indian friend.. The original falcon got a different friend as well

9. Sorceress - original, but with a cloak (from the falconer), new hair and a crown

11. Cosplayer - a woman promoting some sort of catfood... (these are always complicated).. and some sort of warrior from the beautiful torso

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Queen Tahra, September 2023

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