6840 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Cleaner with Leafblower

Since we have been (mostly) away from more recent themes, I think he is an nice addition.

That torso is quite familiar though, and a bit... loud. But really nice legs - I don't think we had them in green yet.

10. Robot

The weirdo of the lot. No hair?! That is.. unnatural.

The strange "hat" IS the "hair". Very very odd.

He's supposed to have stickers in the eyes, but we rarely use them. And it was missing in one of the packs. Not happy news.

Anyways, nice parts, and the black head.. I can make out the eyes, but not the mouth... We like weird colored parts, so... I'm sure we'll manage SOMETHING. Eventually.

All the tube things came fitted in the frames, thus:

11. Race Champion

A strangely familiar klicky... with an invisible car/bike/whatever. This is not good.

Being an asian is a plus - not THAT many around.

12. Fire Wizard

Yet ANOTHER reedition. Like the westerner, for us he is quite recent, so.. I still think the Figures is no place to reeditions.

Like the original, he is a great fire wizard.

And the hat is new in that color, I think, and VERY nice.

Queen Tahra, February 2016

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