9147 Girls

(part 1/3)

This series has an incredible amount of "fairy heads". From the start, the highlights were the elf archer and the white(ish) mermaid, but there are more great ones here.

1. Genie

This is the only speedo in the series. A reused torso with really interesting new leg sculpt! Suppose she's not riding a horse anytime soon, but maybe she prefers flying carpets?

The arms are also new.. and though they are nice (with an unfortunate color), they are of course basically useless, considering THE DARN ARMS ARE DIFFERENT. No, I'm not done whining about this. Not by a long shot.

Not sure about the veil thing. It's pretty and all... but it seems to be desintegrating, getting every part around full of tiny pinkish flakes.

2. Pink Queen

The must-always-be-present-big-skirt. HAD to be right? The 54954th of these pink ones. Nice colors, but the same again. And with the silly hair with hole, making a crown about mandatory...

All the veils came attached like that to the hair. It is made of the same material as the dancer, so everything is full of pinkish things with this queen too.

The neckpiece is hard to manage with the hair...

The underskirt is beautiful too, and the white heels are not very common. Obviously a waste under that large skirt.

3. Bavarian

Another take on this lady... she is pretty... just not very original, considering she is a common presence in the figures.

I am kinda surprised she has three of those tasty heart things. That is awesome!

The torso is beautiful, and would look great on a medieval woman or a pirate. I think the fluffy short sleeves would look better on her.

And I wish she had flat shoes.. as always

4. Elf Archer

Are they watching? She's AWESOME.

Even if reusing the previous ARCHER torso... with it's odd color. That was a shame.

Love the neckpiece in brown , and the wrist things, both the sculpt (not new) and color (duh, brown). I think these may be new in that color. Anyways, could use a bunch. Hope to see them in plenty of sets - always very very welcome! It's so hard to find options for these "wristless" arms.

The mongolian bow in brown (though not new) is also beautiful.

The skirt in light green is awesome (need more!) and she has proper boots (though existing ones - shame they aren't black or something). Well, actually the light green skirt exists - but it had pretty printing that would be painful to clean (from the shepherd in the latest xmas set - 5588).

Queen Tahra, January 2017

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