9147 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Mermaid

I was extremely happy to find a white mermaid in this series. It was disappointing to discover she's more pearly than properly white.

Still, she's great (and not pink or blue, like 99.99% of the previous ones). I don't like that hole in her back, but al least we get a new possibility to cover it with.. though I find it not very.. mermaid like.

And that hair!! Not only gorgeous in sculpt, but also in color (now can we please have matching beards?)

Her staff is also unusual, and the dark blueish ball looks amazing. I don't find it very fitting for a mermaid - I think it belongs to a wizard - but that is easily fixed!

We need a few more... variety and all

6. Witch

The black witch is great!

I find the pink wand completely off with her... WHY oh WHY must it be transparent pink!? It has a gorgeous wonderful sculpt.. and then.. transparent pink.

She has the speedo-rocker's arms in proper normal form! YAY!

A reused torso (from Figures series 2 vampire, at least), but a pretty klicky. Shame about the high heels (as usual).

The hair is pretty (mold and AWESOME color), and the hat is GREAT in black!

7. Ice Princess

Another pink lady.. However... did you see those boots!?

She's gorgeous - even if pink. This one was a real nice surprise, turning out to be sooooo much better than I was expecting.

The printing is also gorgeous, and somehow works well with the "cold theme".

Amazingly, that shade of pink does not match any mertail we have. Unfrackingbelievable, I know!

The hair is a pale blonde, uncommon (in that color) and beautiful - and again adding to the cold theme.

The hat (minus crown!) is amazing (same as in the latest ice advent). Maybe someone heard me, because all four in the first box were missing the crown. Coincidence!?

The neckpiece is also a new one, looks great! It also works well with other torsos, and I really wish we can get more of these, ideally in more colors.

And.. did I mention the gorgeous white boots?

In all, a winner - especially the boots! I need a bunch of those. It's so hard to use those skirts, since most come with those (uglyish and specific) high heeled shoes...

8. Riding Champion

Another horseless rider.

The jacket is new - like the ghost on the boys. The torso has a nice military look about it, and the hat can also be useful in several settings...

The small white bow for the braid was a really nice detail.

I think they could have given her the arms with buttons...

So, a nice klicky, but missing the horse.

Queen Tahra, January 2017

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