9147 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Snowboarder

I believe the board print is new, though I don't find it really pretty.

Her torso is common enough... And though the legs aren't special.. she doesn't have diapers! Yay!

And she has classic hair! Also not really common anymore (though amazingly present in two of these ladies).

I thought her hat was very very nice to make an old aviator hat, if we managed to somehow paint it... Unfortunately, seeing it in "the plastic", it is nothing like it.

And the goggles don't really seem to fit too well - I believe they are meant to be positioned over her eyes or on top, but neither seems perfect.

10. Hippie

Mostly reused parts, but quite effective. The torso is new - and a gorgeous print.

The vest is nice, I love the headband with the hair thingie, and sandaled feet always welcome, right?

Using that fancy hairdo is quite "on", I think, though her face is hardly visible...

11. Peruvian

The colors are awesome. A shame they didn't give us new feet (as in black boots or something - though I suppose these look better here )

I just think the oranges don't really fit that thing though...

The torso and skirt prints are beautiful... And the wristcuffs in pale yellow are also gorgeous.

A very unusual klicky!

12. Sleeping Flower

The weirdo of the ladies. Have no idea what she's supposed to be.

Having her eyes closed is lame. If they were open, that'd be a really nice head.

Unfortunately, this is not a double head. What's the use of a "sleeping" head in a strange color? I have no idea. Being printed, even worse. I'm wondering if we could somehow draw some eyes on it.. unlikely, I say. But we'll manage SOMETHING.

The print in both torso and skirt are new, and beautiful - in a flowery sort of way

I think she'd look better either barefoot or with flat shoes...

The hat is unfortunately the same mold as the kids'.. and doesn't really settle too well. Then again, we DO have a flower fairy kid in just those colors...

I think the gigantic flower is nice (though a bit odd).

And another lady with the classic hair, in a most uncommon color

I will add the kept ones when we reach decisions on them!

Queen Tahra, January 2017

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