Kept - Boys

1. Pirate - different hair (and changed the hook, or the sword would need to go on the other side, right?)
2. Zombie Mummy - different head and hair (trying to make him more different from the other)
3. Handyman - THAT hair had to go!

4. Superhero - just a different neckpiece
5. Hendrix - original
6. Medicine Man - minus belt and dagger

7. Viking - I don't think the samurai upper armor is vikingish.. Different torso, neckpiece and belt. He also got a tattoo on the right arm and a different hair, closer in color to the beard.
10. Garden Gnome - original
12. Star Pilot - original. I really like him, though I have no idea where to put him

9. Spartan - one close to original: the hair, obviously had to go. Also a different neckpiece (I don't like the original's sculpt) and a different crest, in blue . Then what that torso was made for: a merman! Finally, two more special guards (male+female ) with the spartan helmet (and Athena's shields).

11. Steampunk - on the original one the belt was removed (covered too much of that wonderful torso), as were the goggles - used on her, along with that watch thingie. She actually has the torso from the rider from the girls, but was klicked because of him, so I'll include her here. A second guy provided parts for two more friends. I am new at this steampunk thing, but we liked them, so...

  • 8. Ghost Butler - the tray is great!

Queen Tahra, February 2017

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