9242 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Tennis Player

Not a repeat in the Figures, but that is a REALLY popular klicky (on SEVERAL sets).. here she has a pink skirt.

As a plus, she is not using those invisible balls

I like the pink hair!

2. Winged Fairy

A greenish version of Series 4 Fairy, with a pretty butterfly. And that one was also a quite popular klicky.

Still, she is beautiful, and the hair is GORGEOUS in that green color.

All the wings came bound like that. Makes it hard, because at least I like them flatter...

It's a shame that torso - one of the most gorgeous torso sculpts is always kinda ruined with that hole in the back. I wish a new version was made available without it.

3. Paramedic

A replica of the Paramedic in Series 4.

The accessories come bagged, as usual in different sized little baggies.

4. Indian

Not a repeat in the Figures, but the indian woman from the egg (5728), with different hair.

She is a very pretty klicky though, and also amazing for parts...

And, of course, that ever popular set of utensils. These all came in small bags, not only different in size but also in the type of plastic used.

Queen Tahra, July 2017

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