9242 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Cook

The same Cook from Series 3.

I really don't understand playmobil's obsession with cooks.

6. Medieval Lady

A cousin from the duopack lady (4128), with a purplish medieval hat. I really like this hair sculpt.

Two of them didn't bring necklaces. This started to happen a couple of series ago. I suppose quality control isn't what it used to be.

The klicky is very pretty, and the arms are nice too.

7. Geisha

The klicky is a replica from Series 2.

The fan is a different color.

Very nice, though not very easy to reuse the torso/legs apart.

8. Diver

This one is the Surfer from Series 3, when she decided to take up diving.

The hair is different, since the diving mask needs a "hat hair". I think the chosen sculpt works really well. Not the obvious choice (at least it wouldn't be for me), but looks great!

Queen Tahra, July 2017

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