9332 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Sushi Chef

Even not being a fan of sushi, this is a wonderful klicky.

A complete new take on the "cook" that has been a usual presence in the figures.

The torso is very detailed. And I really like the headband too. The 2 characters just says 'su shi' (information provided by Cheng).

The chopsticks and the sushi itself are new parts.

I think he needs a friend.

10. Winged Aztec

The weirdo of the Boys. Have NO IDEA what he is meant to be.

However, except for the bare feet, I really like him. A real real shame that he has barefeet, because the leg print is GREAT (and matches the rest).

The green wristthings are great - and different from the existing ones...

That headpiece is also a welcome return, though we don't really lack those, since that "snake dancer" was really popular around here.

I am not fond of that odd weapon...

The peg loop is also done in a new color - that's great!

Oddly, all the wings came bagged AND with an rubberband around, thus:

I have no idea why, but it is doubly wasteful.

It's a shame the wings don't match the rest, being of that old common odd-green color.

And let's not forget the head - that print is new in green!

The belt will be... complicated. I tend to turn those around, as they get too bulky like this, imo.. But the gorgeous printing matching the torso's.. well..

So, lots of beautiful parts, with a lot of novelties printing wise.

11. Falcon King

Another king, nothing too exciting. That said, he is pretty, hair excepted . But THAT hair is made somewhat passable by the beard.

Also, a nice sword that does fit in the belt , and roman arms.

I don't love the leg sculpt, or the big cape's... though I have to admit it is regal!

I think he works great as a king as is... and will be fine as a knight as well.

12. Butcher

Nothing special about him, but he is a nice looking recent klicky.

I like that knife a lot.

I am not fond of the use of that head for men, but that is an easy fix. And THAT hair is a goner. It is particularly.. not pretty in red, actually.

I don't understand the torso - it should be blue, and printed all over - ok, at least the front. Looks kinda silly without the jacket. I hope this does not become a thing, cause it looks really weird like that.

He'll make a fine looking modern guy though

Queen Tahra, March 2018

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