9333 Girls

(part 1/3)

1. Egyptian

Well, I call her "Egyptian", since we've had Cleopatra in Series 2 and 6. And that's in the Figures alone, not counting the rest of the sets, including a couple of specials too. But she is different from the previous renditions...

The klicky is beautiful , the torso is really amazing. And the skirt is gorgeous, with a lot of potential (screams "guy"!).. However, I still think it is wrong/unnatural for klickys not to sit. For the principle of the thing.

Nothing new sculpt wise, but the colors are interesting: the crown in turquoise and the "cleopatra hair" in gold are new, and nice to have, of course. Also nice, and not THAT common, the "egyptian" bracer in that color.

2. Fairy

Another non-sitting speedo fairy with wings. She does look nice though...

I think the flower would be better as an actual flower than having that jewel on top.. but that could be me.

All the wings came bagged, thus:

Nice color scheme though . And she has a classic hair, that is quite uncommon these days.

The printed head.. well.. I don't know why playmobil insists on printing the face so "high" on the head. Makes the klickys look stupid. This one suffers from that in the promo pic as well..

The torso is really beautiful, but the arms seem off to me. But what with the fracking arms being speedo and gender specific (no, I am SO not over this ), there are very few options. Then again, except for a wetsuit or something of the sort, doesn't really work well for speedos, does it? I mean because when the speedo arms aren't naked, they look like very tight fitting sleeves.

3. Cheerleader

Nice idea, except for the shorts instead of the skirt... I think that looks really off.

Another really nice torso - and non-skin arms (with the previously discussed issues).

I am happy with the variety though

4. Alchimist

I struggled with a name for this one. Somehow she strikes me as not aimed as a sorceress, but I find the head somewhat off. But then there's THAT hair! It is soooooo beautiful!!

She has two flasks, though the images only shows one..

A pretty lady - though I would prefer some sort of "flatter" shoes.

Queen Tahra, March 2018

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