70159 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Hunter

Well, beautiful colors. Can't go wrong with browns... And I think the prince hair and that beard combination really works well here.

I don't think the torso is new, but the print on the legs is, and very very nice (browns = )

Also, the belt is either a new color or an uncommon one. Variety is good.

10. Policeman

Well. A cop. With an untidy look (but at least a nice hair! ). Maybe he's seen some action?

So, nothing truly exciting, but a nice klicky.

I find the fixed neckpiece totally unappropriate for a figure though, if the purpose is "mix and match", what is the point?

The arm print is nice... I wonder if it's new. I don't really keep much track of the rescue sets.

11. Bellboy

A nice idea, and a pretty recent klicky.

We start to have a LOT of these, considering the size of the hotel business here...

His torso is very nice, and I am sure it will find its way onto fancy military customs. The arms and legs are also printed on the side - gorgeous.

12. Hairdresser

Ah, this time a male hairdresser - I like the klicky, and though we have done one already... maybe that one needs a coleague?

He would look pretty well in other settings too, from the explorers to plain recent city life surroundings.

The scissors in the belt is a stroke of genious!!

The torso is also a serious candidate to some cleaning...

Queen Tahra, August 2019

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