70732 Boys

(part 2/3)

5. K9 Trainer

Another interesting addition to the modern world.

The collar seems a bit large for the pup, but he'll grow into it

The klicky is gorgeous, and he really struck me as a military type in the first pics. But the printed dog whistle detail (great!) and the POLICE printed on the back kinda dashed my plans.

Though we don't really need more police, fact is, there was no K9 trainer. I think he will have many students.

6. Rugby Player

Another great idea. He is a bit light on accessories, though I am not sure what else to include... since rugby players don't wear kevlar armor .

The melon-ball is new in this color, I think.

Of course, he poses the same problem all team sports have - there is only one of him... Hopefully in time he will get someone to play with.

I like the klicky colors, and the smudges on the arms and legs work.

He could have used a "male frame", since the shorts always make for a tight fit when sitting, if using a "female frame" (which is now the standard for the figures).

7. Dracula

An interesting vampire, quite different from all the gazillion previous versions.

I think the bat support should really be transparent. This one makes the poor animal look like a fancy balloon (the klicky looks like a happy happy kid who got the balloon he wanted at the fair )

The klicky is quite medieval..ish looking. Really gorgeous (though the leg mold is not my favorite). Unfortunately, the skincolor not a match to Drago

The hair is the main highlight here. Looks a lot like an indian hair in the back (minus feather hole), but the front is quite different. And it's silver. (me and weird hairs!)

The coat is another innovation (previously used with speedos, though this sleeveless one is a new "mold") - looks nice, and has a lot of potential, but as always I worry how long it will last. And of course it attracts every speck of dirt in a mile radius. On the plus side, no need to pop him to get the coat on and off

8. Fireman

A well equipped fireman in diapers. I know firefighting is probably scary, but are diapers really necessary!?

Nice colors though. The torso is very very pretty. I love the print on it.

I find the single shoulder piece also somewhat baffling (but nice) and the unmatching arms a bit odd (though probably accurate) - and not easy to change, because he is tan.

Queen Tahra, March 2022

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