70732 Boys

(part 3/3)

9. Eastern Warrior

A nice warrior, and one of the best equipped figures - loads of accessories.

The klicky is great, especially the torso, though I think the color of the armor is too close to his skin color...

The green is nice, and... IT MATCHES THE ORCSES!!! There is absolutely no way that torso will be under that thing...

10. Pirate Butcher

A beautiful pirate hiding under that odd apron. Not happening.

I find the apron completely off... maybe because I can't stop thinking of the gardeners - bought a couple for the Galactica customs (link)

The torso is the highlight here. Gorgeous.

The muscle arms are fitting, and the tattoo makes them even better.

The legs are nice too, and the beard is not overly common.

Another interesting part is the bald hair (I knnow, a contradiction in terms!) - the skull tattoo is a bit... colorful and strong. Nice for variety. And the playmobil pirates are nothing if not colorful

I also like the cleaver, and it's not a very common part here.

11. Welder

Another welder... I thought the mask was the same, but it has reversed colors, so, good for variety!

The gyzmo in the belt doesn't really work for me... but that is easily fixed.

The klicky is really nice, with great printed details.

The viking beard doesn't play nice with the mask, preventing it from lowering properly. One could also argue about how wise it would be to have the points of the beard/mustache peeking from under the mask...

12. Arachnophobe

A pretty modern klicky. Dark tan. And did you see that hair?!

Gorgeous arms, with beautiful different tattoos.

Unfortunately, not a double face, so.. problematic.

And... let's say SOME OF US share his fears . I need tweezers to deal with this one, and someone else opened those packs.


Queen Tahra, March 2022

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