70735 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Red Riding Hood

A grown up version of the girl :)

I find the skirt mold slightly off for the character... too... "rounded"... but that could be just me.

A pretty klicky, and the cape is new for grown ups... I think. The hat and the basket are also new in these colors, as far as I can remember.

6. Cartoonist

A very colorful klicky, and would be great if not having a full diaper = YUCK. So, she's half wonderful.

I really like the colorful torso.... but the hair in three colors may be a bit.. too much

There are two versions of her drawing - left and right . Very strange. Note that it's upside down in the leaflet. And the app.

7. Spa Goer

Another fun idea, and well executed. Making that a double head makes it highly usable, since she can show her "normal face" too (in spite of the limitations that come from the double heads). A beautiful dark tan klicky.

And there, the first I opened has the head messed up - no print in the back

8. Sailor

She's interesting... maybe a fit for the previous sailor (Series 14 - Boys #6 - Sailor)?

That said, the skirt is not my favorite sculpt. Or the arms, for her...

Queen Tahra, August 2022

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