70940 Girls

(part 2/3)

5. Aikido Fighter

Another martial art introduced in the figures - from a google search, Aikido. I like her...

The torso with the bottom part printed all around in black is really unusual.

The print in the arm is nice too. According to fellow playmofriend Master Cheng, alone, the character doesn't make sense... It is paired with other characters and can mean "then", "suddenly", etc.

As with others, the feet came off the skirt in the pack... very strange. But at least these feet are easy to remove from the skirt.

6. Statue

A lady playing statue.

She was one of the highlights... until we saw her legs.

WHY OH WHY does she have skin legs?! FRITZ TOMÉ!! Seriously?! Why?! Now what?

Besides the skin color on the legs, the skirt is not the same mold pictured - that one is longer (and much nicer), and could make the silly legs usable (though it would still be wrong! ) - since you can't really see them with that other mold.

The parts (legs excepted) are gorgeous, the idea awesome - and the execution would be great if the legs were properly done. Like this... well... unless the legs can be painted, she'll have to be something else. Not happy news.

The Gargoyle (from series 21) was sorely disappointed.

7. Tourist

A photo oriented tourist - she leaves nothing to chance, also having a proper camera, besides the selfie stick thingie!

The problem is she is an existing city klicky. The torso is quite interesting, and so easy to remember. The klicky is the same as the victim from 9130 (PlaymoDB link)... she even has the fracking backpack! Meh.

The selfie stick is a nice detail. Can't stand the things in the real world, but in playmoform...

The bracelets came on the arm, as is usually the case with this kind of rubbery ones. And there is the selfie sticker...

8. Seamstress

Another seamstress... (playmobil seems strangely fixated with these as well)

She has the same existing dress, in a different color. It's perfect. They will have a shop

The paper molds are also a great detail!

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