70940 Girls

(part 3/3)

9. Sorceress

A really interesting klicky, great colors.

The bow on the hair is quite off, imo. But easy to fix.

The skin color is different.. Interesting (not matching anything), but interesting

Her legs also came unassembled...

10. Falconer

She is gorgeous... and the falcon is amazing - a new color, afaik.

I think she gives off indian vibes, but with the torso showing skin... it's complicated.

The falcon came unassembled, which is a bit creepy. Because. On the other hand, it's... well... handy.

11. Cosplayer

Anoter "cat woman" - but with no ears this time . I took the name from the App, but for the correct klicky

She has nice colors, but around here it's always a problem to figure out where she belongs (the previous one ended a ballerina).

The torso under that vest thingie is amazing (this is SO not happening!), and the legs are quite nice too.

The umbrella has a new print, and the cat skirt is new in gold.

12. Fancy Lady

A pretty lady in a long dress.

The dress is beautiful, but I still think these speedo clothes make them look like little barrels.

She has a beautiful golden print on her arm.

The woman is very close to an existing one... no necklace, and the arm print... Though dark tan parts are quite needed at this point.

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Queen Tahra, September 2023

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